Get to know us...

Out There Entertainment (OTE) is a 3 man team based in Savannah, GA with a passion for game design and emerging tech. Our core team consists of a traditional artist, a tech artist, and a dedicated programmer.


This breadth gives us the freedom to create content freely, while being versatile enough to pivot when necessary, and adapt to new tools and pipelines.

OTE is comprised of its 3 co-founders

Remy Bustani


Director of


Preston O'Bryan


Director of

Eyes & Ears

Christian Willet


Director of Making

Things Work

Our purpose...

Scoping accordingly and exceeding expectations is what's important to us because that's what makes our clients smile. We achieve this through having clear and open communication throughout every step of a project, allowing us to have an evident understanding of critiques. We believe no matter the size of the problem, each deserves its own unique creative solution.

Why us?

Our skills cover every facet of game design and virtual reality solutions; from pre production and prototyping, blockout and mechanics, to lighting and asset creation. Our purpose is to create content that makes people smile, while accumulating the most talented designers from SCAD in order to build a brand that can compete with triple A quality at a reasonable price.

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